No dream too big/No distance too long

Destination was Bhutan. It was long hours of days and nights but I keep working. I went to finish “Survivors” Bhutan’s last part. Every country has its own smell, so has its own depth to make any stranger curious. However I meet differences between every country of the world, except “Survivors”, that is indifferent. They are geometrically located in long distance but precisely living a same  life as each other. Here a short sharing to discover “Survivors” in Bhutan.

The girl belongs to the area the kala Bazar slum where most of the cleaner’s families are living. These peoples are living with garages here & there, else they made the country Bhutan a beautiful & neat city for others.

Bhutan © GMB Akash /

An old day laborer, whose main occupation is work as day laborer in other’s fields Bhutan © GMB Akash /

Bhutan has long been a mysterious and elusive country for the world. It is small and under populated. The economy is based on agriculture. The majority of Bhutanese are not skilled labor workers. Last time when I was in Bhutan I feel the same force to take out the right moment to capture. But as always you could never be sure either to peak the moment or let it evaporate before you understand to grab it.

The old woman was sitting in a Buddhist monastery for her prayers. Many of old women in Bhutan passes their last days near these monastery.

Bhutan © GMB Akash /

In Lagjophakha, most of the working class people lives. The woman living in the working class slum was stand in the window.

Bhutan © GMB Akash /


In early morning, the streets of Thimphu are cleaned by male & female cleaners’ everyday. Most of them live in Kala Bazar slum. Inadequate living things & continual deprivation has pause their life, not even to express their sufferings.

Bhutan © GMB Akash /

Near the kala Bazar slum an old man seating in a tea stall. Here low income people living their life in sacrificing their basic needs.

Bhutan © GMB Akash /

“I was leaving Bhutan, head was full of their straggle stories & their clam sufferings which I hardly understand. Right moment, my project “Survivors” was up is When I was in dilemma either I could ever be able to give back these “Survivors” loves & fulfill my liabilities at that moment I saw a board written:

 “ No Dream Too Big

             No Distance Too Long ”

 I got my inspiration back, I stand straight . These fate less fighters  inspires me to fight for them….” Gmb Akash

8 thoughts on “No dream too big/No distance too long

  1. “No dream too big, No distance too long”
    Salute you Akash bhai.
    Would love to see if you have any image of that board. I ll make a small print of it , paste it on wall. Everyday I ll wake up and have inspiration like you have.

    Did not say anything about your images, because they just dont need words.


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