“Stranger in a paradise”

“Oh! My friend! You are a stranger & welcome to our paradise”

This was the welcome note from my friend in Philippines.

I travel to meet with people, to introduce with them & to see all unseen. My second visit to Philippines brings me close to understand this paradise newly.

Joe (23yr) eyes are restless for keep watching guest’s cars of the restaurants. His job is to help in parking & watch on the cars. Car owners give him 2peso-10pesowhen they leave the restaurant. Katipunan. Philippines

© GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

When discovering one of the few secrets about people of Philippines, I discover myself newly. I found a place of joy; I found people of Philippines are so simple, lovely and charming.

Workers are busy for cleaning the sea side in Subic. Philippines © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

I found all restaurants filled with smiley faces. None of them were looking upset. Girls were entering alone into coffee shop late night and they were secure. I have seen charm of happiness everywhere. When you will pass by a gate the gatekeeper will smile at you by asking “Can I help you, sir?”

In a church of Katipunan people are preparing for taking part in prayers. Philippines © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

During a rainy day the old women was selling Jackfruit in Quipo. Philippines © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

In a busy street of Quipo a women selling fruits. Philippines © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

In slums people were straggling with smile in their faces. Many people were sleeping in the street.

In the mean time of a break these day laborer are taking nap. Quipo, Philippines, © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Five family members living in a 6 fit by 6 fit room, did not take out their smile from their faces.

A pizza deliver guy was taking rest after delivering pizza in a office of Katipunan, © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

An old man was setting idle & taking rest in the busy street of Quipo. Philippines, © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

I started believing the place is really a paradise. It is a Man-made paradise. When people can learn to live lives with its all possible joys no one can defeat them.In time of return I whisper to myself “go as far as you can! Be a stranger in a strange land” Gmb Akash

8 thoughts on ““Stranger in a paradise”

  1. Amazing photos. Would love to visit Phillipines one day. I love the first picture, Joe holding an umbrella in the rain. Another brave survivor making his living around so many flashing headlights and too many distracting n noisy horns.


  2. Great photos, brother. You make us proud when we see ourselves in your pictures. We welcome you again next time you come. Quiapo will always be here. Thank you for seeing us in our reality.


    • My thanks to all of you for such love & admiration. I would love to discover Philippines again in next year. I really brought happiness from the happy land of yours.


  3. I am from the Philippines, and your images reminded me of home. Thank you. The Philippines has so many faces, I hope you capture them in your future visits.


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