Born to work – A Battle of a “Survivor”

“Survivors” depicts the invincibility of the human spirit to survive against all odds. People who live on the edges of society have had a big impact on me and have been a great inspiration to me as a person and in my career. The existing social hierarchies have made me realize that those who live at the lowest rank on the economic ladder are the true survivors. These people are deprived of even the basic necessities of life, yet they manage to live each day with a smile on their faces. As a photographer I feel it is my task to show the world those unseen realities and to shed light on what most of us never see with our own eyes.

I have been doing my project “Survivors” for the last 10 years. In these years I tried to bring changes in some lives. But now, I moves to work on it highly by bringing the project “Survivors” in light. & lend hands to some miserable souls. Munna is one of them. Here I am revealing life & straggle of Munna – which many of you may never seen but heard many times, which many of you may imagine but never feel. Welcome to the world of a – little soldier ‘Munna’

“Born to work – A Battle of a Survivor”, First video made by me & a documentation on ‘Munna’ from the project ‘Survivors’.

‘Integrity with innocence’ this is the concrete of Munna’s character portrayal. Five years ago I first met Munna, he was same like now. He was a seven years old shy boy who never complains to anyone. At the age of five he comes to the factory. Two years he did nothing & got no money. At the age of seven, he learns & starts working. When I took his first picture his hands remarks his experiences.

© GMB Akash /

Five years have passed fates of Munna & his father brings no change in their lives. Only difference is, with his five years experience Munna is getting 1600 taka ($1=72taka) per month. Moreover 12 years old Munna is running his younger sister education with his extra income of Friday overtime. His dreams confine to get more experience of hard work & made a big factory. He dreams to give good food to his family, he dreams to take them in a better place. The boy speak too less, stand always like a shadow. Whenever I took picture of him, he tried to clean his torn cloths as well hide torn areas. These little doings, little words earn respect.

© GMB Akash /

20 years ago Munna’s family had come to Dhaka for better living. Time never brings any happiness in their lives. By a little donation Munna’s father bought shoe sewing materials & now he is working as cobbler. They pray that rainy season may never come. As people does not come to do shoe polish in rain time. Munna & his family are surviving in the race of life.

© GMB Akash /

Like Munna around 7 million children are straggling in our country. May be it is difficult but not impossible to give hope to these 7 million children. If only every capable person lend their hands for one family.

My project “Survivors” aims to help Munna & his family. This project designed to help ten families from ten backgrounds. By little collection – a fund will hand over to Munna & his father. Munna’s father will utilize it for lifting their fates. 25% of the selling price of my book “Survivors” will give to these kinds of 10 selected families. You all are invited to stand beside Munna. Won’t you lend your hands? If your heart is moved to do so please visit “Survivors” by Gmb Akash at :

“Our little help, little words, little recommendations could bring light in some dark places of this earth. ” Gmb Akash

9 thoughts on “Born to work – A Battle of a “Survivor”

    • I dream to change some lives in reality. That is why I am always right beside those people who are deprived from all basic rights of human being. In return I received unconditional love from those “Survivors”. May be I have no ability to give back their blind love. Still I know I will fight for them till my end.


      • I am really glad that @ least one little survivor can finally see a little light of hope and support through through your biggest effort on this project. All my best wishes, support and prayers with you on your every rewarding journeys.


      • Thanks my friend Kosy. Photography has given me the opportunity to put my wishes into action.
        I hope my book “Survivors” will bring change in some broken lives. I believe together we could
        able to bring light in life of many “Munna’s”


  1. Your photo exhibition is in the hallway of the building where I work. Every day I cross. Stirring. However, a photo touches me deeply. It’s a young worker full of sludge with a hat smiling. This image brings me back every day to its own conditions of life and mine. So huge contrast between his life and mine shocked me, disgusts me. There are still many things to do for a fairest world….
    Thank you for these images of people in the world and their lives, thank you to these people for allowing to be picked in their so poor lifes, but with a smile!


    • Thanks a lot for inspiring me by your note Jolanda.

      We ought to win the losing battle of life by fatal struggle. It’s not fair only to live in the line of survival. Surely we have got to make something more well than what we have got


  2. Do you think of a concrete action that I could organize from the rich country where I live? I would like to invest in the fight against child labor.


    • Every little bit helps. Often people ask me, is it possible to change the surroundings alone? I believe, fighting against the injustice we cleanse ourselves a bit. And such is our role.


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