Invincible Faces

“I am fascinated to some faces, some characters who are incredibly important to me as a photographer or as an admirer. Many of these faces are invisible but their spirits for living life makes them invincible. Journey of portraying these invincible characters starts long ago when I find out there are certain people who are icons of heroism and enthusiasms. Over and over again I go back to them, find them out and by portraying them able to keep a part of these victors with me.” – Gmb Akash

© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

Often get inspired by these faces I go to isolated group/people who are ordinary or I can say by having an urge to go to these people is my practice for understanding them. As an individual they are available around us, living life in troubled climate every day. But their willingness to over come difficulties titled them Invincible. My characters are raw, picked from a sticky street or from an isolated brothel or even from a dumped factory. Every face is passing a message of anticipation. I have learned to run my photography equipments; I have studied to learn to take portraits or getting a best environmental portrait. But when I concentrate beyond technical things, these characters become icons to me. I looked into them through the lens and I tried to pick the message of anticipation into the photograph. This is the biggest challenge which has no rules, which can never be taught, which can be only a self taught rule of getting invincible faces into photograph.

© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

I emphasize the character. I want to present them vividly.  I go to very close to my characters. Apart everything, I focused them. In spite of taking environmental portrait, often I try to present the environment differently. When the characters become focused, my concerns packed to represent these faces as a representative of their own environment. I would like to make imagine the audience – where these faces are come form, where they live in, what they do. Inviting questions can be way of portraying significant things which we mostly over look.


© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

Most of the time, I have to work in very compact situation. Often I been located, where life is put in a box of measured 8 feet by 8 feet room or in a distressed noisy factory or even in an abandoned colony where I have to pass by three feet narrow road. I need to be patience and keep trying to work in these compact situations. Often I hardly get changes to use lot of lens. I am comfortable with 24mm and besides habituated I believe it is good to work with one kind to work fast and flexibly. For taking portrait I use 70mm. I do not like lot of distraction. My image should be clear and focused.

 © GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

For taking environmental portrait, placement of the character is hard thing. I keep in mind environment should not disturb the character, I am taking in. It has to be supportive to each other. But I prefer to believe in my photos, character is presenting the environment; environment is not presenting the character.

© GMB Akash /

 © GMB Akash /

- I always use natural light. No flush gun and no manipulation. Even in a bad light day I tried to use the available light into the character little differently so that it creates a different mood.

 - Simplicity and be straight is my rule. Be focused, use simple background, experiment with color and get closer to the character.

- However near or far is my character, however intimate or distant the gaze my camera directs, I always keep in mind the elements of composition and the technique that will best help me to communicate what I am trying to say.

© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

- I prefer to intimate with the character I am going to portrait. Relation and building trust is important. Many times people refused me to take photos, but I never gave up, I always make them understand what I am doing, telling the effectiveness of the shot. And if I failed I do not force but I never fail to try.

- It is helpful to get environmental portraits by finding out where they spend their time, what the rhythm of their life is like and observing their personality.

© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /

“I think the art of photography is to observe and document in your own personal way. On my way I found these invincible faces which are inspiring to keep my searches on. These insignificant characters are inspirations to win over all chances of life. Connecting these invincible souls in photograph has no rules. Besides photography, I learnt from them, we need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. We should think that we are invincible because we are.”

- Gmb Akash

© GMB Akash /

© GMB Akash /



41 thoughts on “Invincible Faces

  1. I like to say hello and to say i share the love of taking portraits, to get closer and to portray what i feel at that moment..It is not always easy but spending time and giving respect you go a long way. Love your work and hope to visit your country one day. Kind regards and warm greetings, Ingetje Tadros

  2. Such great portraits. And interesting comment. What is also great is that you are also from Bangladesh, documenting your own people and the lives they live. I am impressed.

  3. This was a great post. What I liked was the happiness in some of the faces. Considering I am challenged right now but aware that more than liekly, these faces are living with less than I am reminds me to whistle while I work and to be grateful.

  4. how u developed ur communication skill ? its possible for me?? its really tough to work with hijra( common gender) n sex workers , dut u done very well, what is the secret or how u do??

    • Sumon,
      Thanks for asking.

      Yes, it is absolutely positive for you also.
      For photographying sensitive issues, you have to be sensitive, sensible also.
      Show respect to the community you are working with, do atleast something for them whatever you can do,
      mostly from depth of your work you will be automatically build up a emotional connection with them. If these things happens
      communication is nothing. remember. affectiona and feelings are more understanidng than only trasmitting words.

  5. u r a poet, writing some poems through a camera…………n itz really a task to imagine the back story of the photo………n im loving it

  6. A great job… only a great soul can photograph in this way, only someone who has the light and beauty in himself can see them everywhere in the world and in the people and bring them in the eyes of others. Thank you very much.Hi from Italy.

      • For me it is very difficult to try to express thoughts and feelings in a different language( sorry for my bad English). Fortunately, the soul can express itself in other ways: images and music do not need translation, both come directly to the heart (ishin denshin).
        I wish that through photography (which is able to show much of what exists outside of us and what exists within us) we could build a better world. I think that images are always a mirror and when you take a photo the first focus is on yourself.
        I am only a housewife, a beginner in too many things, especially in photography, but you can walk deeper: I will follow your steps in your blog. Thank you.

  7. I love faces….each one shares it’s own story and range of emotions….joy, strength, hope, distrust, sadness. This post is a wonderful reflection of them all and their stories; thoughtfully presented, and beautifully accompanied by your inspiring words. Nicely done my friend.

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