Angel in Hell – Part II

“Welcome you again in another season of Hell. Down in these dumps the name called childhood get matured for a few at the age of five. Their silent cry echoes from wall to wall of every hell which is considered as blessed place for them to earn bread.  Their compact workstation, fiery factories or even the dusty brick lands are the place where they brought up independently” – GMB AKASH

child labour (3)

child labour (2)

Telling about the working environment of these children is a heart breaking job. Factory machines usually produce an intolerable degree of echo in the working place of these children. For adding more strain on them excessive heat works as miserable factor. Textile factory workers start their day at 8am and finishes at 8pm. During these working hours they managed to heal the pain of sound and heat by earning 1200 tk per month($1=83tk). In the brick field scenarios are not different. In brick fields every day work starts at 6 am, carring head-loads of eight bricks from the furnace to the supply pile. Each trip back and forth is allotted a little over a minute. For a twelve-hour workday for each 1,000 bricks child at a brick factory in carry, they earn 80 tk (<$1) after meeting expenses. Other hand, on the construction sites, children must sweat and slog through the intense heat of the sun, working long hours for scant reward. Moreover same obscurity and hardship in balloon factory, rickshaw factory, tannery, dump yards, motor parts factory, mirror making factory, coal and cigarettes factory. There is no such a single risky job where a child labour cannot be found.  For many of them Jeans paint with a torn shirt is their everyday wear.  And banana with bread is delicious meal.

child labour (18)

child labour (1)

They are sincerely doing their job because of their family either to support them or for their helplessness. I admit human power is the incredible above all. Their spirit overcomes all difficulties to feed them and their family by any hardship.

child labour (4)

child labour (19)


Factory owners straightly said, ‘If we do not employ these children they will be one of the street-addict children. Can you give them three times food, education and a home? Few of these children are helping their mother to survive. Few of them are helping educating of their younger. We are assisting them at least to survive in life with this working training.’  This is the most common answer I received from the majority of factory owner who assigned children to their factory. 

child labour (12)

child labour (9)

Children can be a source of income, this insane thought still practicing among many part of the lower class group which leads them to give birth more children. Many families are dependent fully on the income of their 5-12 age children. But for many the stories are different.

child labour (7)

child labour (11)

I come to know these heart touching stories which are worthy to share. Many children are running their sisters education on their own income, many children efficiently managing three times food for their sick parents and many children still manages to spend one hour to study in night school. Many children touched me by saying they dream to have a factory with their savings! Even with this limited income! They are soulful and they have dignity which we should not let die. So I realize family is the root by which there must be a way to improve at least few of these children’s life. Helplessness of a family forces their children to work in a hazardous condition.

child labour (8)

child labour (5)

child labour (4)


“Escaping from a situation where 7.4 million children are standing to you for a solution is pretty shivering. I believe it’s a sin for me as a human and as a photographer to turn my head and look away.  I attach my life with them and thus the story starts” – GMB AKASH

To be continue…

child labour (14)

child labour (17)

child labour (16)


23 thoughts on “Angel in Hell – Part II

  1. Akash…once again my heart is overcome with sadness. You are the voice of these children…telling their stories to all who will listen to their cries. Your profound images will not let us look away and pretend all is well in this world. I looked for a long time into the eyes of that young boy’s face (2nd image), trying to see what he was feeling. What I see is a look of acceptance…’this is my life…there is no other choice’. I think there has to be a way….even to make a small difference. The last two pictures astounded me… can they still manage such incredibly beautiful smiles, under such conditions? The indomitable spirit of these children gives me hope that things will change for them. I hope I can be part of that change.


  2. Your words and your images, as always, are DEEPLY affecting…. I wish I could hug each and every one of these kids. So much must be done to help so many — change must occur.


    • yes, my friend they deserve every best thing of this world, and love affection, care which we certainly can give. change will depend in our own hands, needs no miracles only our feelings and few small steps.


  3. your photography brings not only impact to the lives of whoever read your story, as I looked every images it brings it to me a tons of emotions, I feel sad for every kids who are going through for all of it….


  4. The history of child labor in the 1800’s here in the US was horrible too. Maybe there is hope. Laws were made and children saved. What factories are these children working for? Are there any that we would be familiar with? This would be important to know. Your photographs are astounding but they break my heart.


  5. Akash, I’m thinking if we all could make an association through net to help the children. If I can provide any assistance, please let me know.


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