‘Realm of Illusion’

‘My camera is a vessel to reach to my dream. I started documenting suffering and find beauty in ugliness, happiness in despair, dreams in suffocation. I am just a poor storyteller who has nothing but a suitcase full of tales’ – GMB AKASH


Love is my religion; unity is my faith/ www.akash-images.com


If you taste the love, you are already rich/ www.akash-images.com


I am on a journey to seek the remedy of Life / www.akash-images.com


When I take off the mask from my soul, I find the beauty of living/ www.akash-images.com




May everyone who loves God honor the path of everyone else. May all the sacred scriptures be universally cherished as the treasures of all mankind / www.akash-images.com


I continue to search for myself / www.akash-images.com


The beauty of life is hidden in the HOPE and in the possibilities of life itself/ www.akash-images.com


Every person has a story and an end/ www.akash-images.com


To taste life prepare to taste thousands of deaths / www.akash-images.com


Living a simple life is hardest because the whole world continues to show you greed in the name of happiness

/ www.akash-images.com


If you seek to know the truth of universe, you’ll have the power of the whole universe with you

/ www.akash-images.com


For living life once I cut off the wings of my soul, now for tasting life I cut out my greed. That’s how my journey starts/ www.akash-images.com


You live in the world and my world lives in me/ www.akash-images.com


My race begins of deriving the internal peace / www.akash-images.com


You have done everything to feed your body, what have you done to feed your soul

/ www.akash-images.com


You can get life if you can get rid of fear/ www.akash-images.com


I can only take a look at my own soul and follow its map / www.akash-images.com


“Sometimes I feel – I am wearing perfume in the middle of the desert” – GMB Akash

15 thoughts on “‘Realm of Illusion’

  1. Another great set of shots, and an incredible example of yet again your photo-journalistic skills. Beautiful moods created with your shots and a glimpse into a life most will not only ever see, but unable to comprehend as well.


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