‘Heroes of Life’ – Part II

‘Heroes of Life’ – are those incredible humans who always find their way to light and love. They had known defeat, sufferingand strugglesyet they possess a beautiful story in their hearts, which is worthy to share with the world.

Sharing 10 real life stories which will definitely melt your heart

Featured first on my Facebook page: GMB Akash


Every day it was my task to wait for my father in the evening. I waited, and waited for him to arrive home from our village market. When he returned with his happy face, my first question was “what did you bring for me today?” As always the reply was with another question, “who will bring you sweets every day when I won’t be here anymore?” I used to always laugh at his questions and replied “who? You don’t know who my husband will be!” I don’t remember my mother; I lost her when I was only two years old. My father is the only one who took care of me the last six years of his life. After that my aunty took me with her as a servant.

How time flies! We have been together for the last ten years. People say we are a very happy couple. We were actually very young when we first met. This is our love marriage. I met him first at my aunt’s house when he was there for a job. I first saw him when I opened the door. He was looking at me and unintentionally I smiled at him and fortunately he smiled back. I can’t explain that heavenly moment when I fell in love. From that day on he started coming in front of our house every single day. I could see him waiting at the grocery shop in front of our house from our veranda. After a month I managed to talk to him with my cousin. I could not stop myself from asking him why he came every day in front of our house and waited looking at our veranda? He didn’t answer my question but rather asked me another question, “will you marry me?”

I have no regrets even though we are very poor. We have almost nothing except a bed. Together we earn a very little amount of money but we are never hopeless about our earning and our life. We understand each other completely. The most valued part is that we love each other unconditionally. We help each other in our tasks. He helps me even with my household work. He takes cares for our daughter when I work. When I go to take bath in our nearby river he always comes with me for my safekeeping. He always pays attention for us even if I do something silly. He helps me in every possible way. Our slum’s women are surely jealous of me. I am certainly blessed with him.

My only regret in my whole life is that my father could not see how happy I am with my husband. I cry almost every night going to sleep that my father could not see my happiness. How lucky I am finding a husband who cares for me like parents care for their child. Our God is so kind that he gave me my husband. You know what? He always brings sweets for me and puts them under my pillow. When I cry for my father in the night, he gives me one in my hand like I am a child crying for sweets. This makes me cry even more. I love this man more than my life. _Sonia and Arif.


I still remember the train accident two years ago. I can still remember the fear and panic that I felt. It was Friday. My father and I were returning home after finishing our last prayers in Tongy on the top of the train. I was searching for my father. I was searching for him urgently because some people were saying a man fell from the train indicating where my father was sitting. I was so worried and was trying to find him. Suddenly someone pushed me from behind and I fell off the train. I still remember every single moment of it. It took 2-3 seconds and I was under the train. I lost my leg on the spot. All my dreams about my life and every hope of my parents’ well-being vanished while I was under those iron wheels. All I was seeing was the bottom part of the train. The train passed over me and it grabbed all my dreams with it.
After that, I was lying on the train tracks for some time. It felt like I was lying there forever. I was crying and screaming madly. I kept on screaming until my mouth went dry. I was screaming for help. There were thousands of people but no one came to help me. I lost consciousness in just a few minutes. Later I found out that our military team had sent me to the hospital.

I was the only hope of support for my parents though I have four more brothers. They all are married and they never bear any of the expenses for our parents. I was the only one who was working for my parents since childhood. Lying on the hospital bed my only thoughts were what will I do now? How I will feed my old father and mother? How will I bear all our expenses? Who will give me work? Before this accident I used to work more and earn more than ever before. I was more energetic and more stable. But after losing my leg it will certainly be hard for me to work and climb the heights of these ships for painting. Nowadays it’s truly tough for me to continue this work with one leg. I feel pain in my only leg. It’s very difficult to balance on one leg and work hard the whole day. I earn very little for my disability. Lots of people told me to become a beggar. In Bangladesh this is easier and more profitable for disabled people. But my heart never would let me do that. In begging there is no self-respect. I could never do that. But I want to earn enough money for my family. My only wish is to insure that my family is eating three times a day_Sagor- 20.



When we are able to cook something good, I always hide it from my wife, Buri, and take some to my son. In the moment, it is impossible to stop thinking about my son, Afjal. But Buri always catches me when I go to my son’s house to give them food. My son lives separately, opposite our house, with his wife and son.

Last week I caught a big fish from our Kaliganga River. I can’t remember the last time we ate a large fish. Nowadays I can’t go fishing due to my chronic health condition and cold I’ve had for a while. At my age, I am not able to do any work. Sometimes my wife and I go fishing together. Most times we catch a few tiny fish and then collect vegetables from the riverbank. This is how we’ve been surviving for the last few years.

After cooking that big fish, I secretly tried to take two large pieces to my son, but my wife caught me and started yelling at me.

“You have no shame! When will you feel some shame? They never send anything to you; they never visit you for months. Why do you need to share with them every time I cook something nice for you?”

Yes I feel shame. I feel terrible shame at lunchtimes when I smell chicken or beef being cooked at my son’s house. At those times my wife looks me in the eyes and I am unable to swallow my food. She knows that I love to eat chicken and beef. My son and his wife never share anything with us. Afjal never cares how his mother and father are surviving in their old age, all alone. And we live just steps away from their house.

But I have no regrets. I always pray to Allah that my son and his family will have a wonderful, blissful life – that they should never suffer for want of food or love. I pray too that when they are old, their children will love them, unconditionally. – Amser Mia (80 years old)


It always felt bizarre to me when my mother sent me to go to door to door asking for salt, chili, onion every day. It was almost impossible for us to cook without collecting spices from neighbors. Believe me, when I used to ask them for salt sometimes, from their looks it felt like I was asking for their heart or kidneys. Why shouldn’t they react? They were also poor and they knew that I had no ability to return their salt and chili that I was taking from them almost every day.

My mother is really old now. She is having a lot of physical problems. I drive a rickshaw the entire day so that I can manage to send her 4-5 thousand taka in money every month for her medicine and food. Between my jobs I try to pray for my mother 5 times every day. I never skip my prayers to God for my mother. My father died and left me along with my four other sisters when we were very young. I have been working the last 20 years for my family. I used to make only 15 taka a day when I was merely 9. I wished to grow up every day. I wanted to grow up in order to earn more money for my family. I have given marriages to my two elder sisters and my two younger sisters are going to school. I wake up every day at dawn for morning prayers and it helps me to drive the rickshaw for some extra hours and with that extra money I try to help with my sisters’ education. I could not go to school but I am trying my best to fulfill their own expectations for reading and studying as much they want. For that I can work every day some more hours.

I have nothing without my mother. My mother is everything to me. I visited my mother last month and took her a green saree. She loves wearing the color green. She never told me she loves green. But from the very beginning I have been seeing her wearing green sarees. You can’t imagine how happy she was seeing that saree. Her condition is not good at all. I don’t want to lose her too. She is the only umbrella over our heads. I always pray to God to please take me before her death because I might not bear the pain of losing her. – Nurun Nabi 30.


Falling in love is one of the most beautiful, rewarding and scariest things you could ever do. When you fall for someone, you can’t think of your life for a second without them! I met him at the bathing-place on the bank of the river near our house where I used to bathe since my childhood. He was the new shopkeeper of the shop beside the dock where we go. The first moment I saw him, I fell in love. It was not as if I just liked him, I was sure that it was love and he was the man I wanted to be with my whole life. I was shy and confused to let anyone know about the situation I was going through. But always inside of me there was something missing. It was like I was missing him every moment, everywhere, whatever I was doing.

Without any reason I started visiting the nearby road where the shop was located. I started buying unnecessary things from the shop or taking baths two or three times a day so that, while going or coming back from the river I could see him. I remember, one day while having lunch after coming from the river, my mother said to me, “I think you are sick and I am thinking of taking you to the hospital. Why are you taking so many baths a day? I don’t think this is normal!” Those words made me laugh so hard that I could not finish my lunch and she became confused again. I was thinking to myself, yes I am sick; sick for that man I love. I have no idea; how time passed by. Those six months felt just like a dream. Besides him, everyone knew that I loved him. I was wondering how this could be possible that he doesn’t know how much I love him. One day while returning from school, I was searching for him inside the shop but he was nowhere. Suddenly from behind me he asked, “are you looking for me?” I didn’t answer. I just smiled looking at his beautiful face.

We had to fight a lot and for a long time in order to be together. My father was committed to his younger sister to marry me with her elder son. But I fell in love with my Shaiful and we were both in love. He told me several times to fly away with him. But I didn’t want to fly with my father’s reputation and everyone’s belief in me. I was the elder daughter of my parents. Though I was intensely in love I didn’t forget the responsibility of my family. I promised him that I will be with him no matter what but I could not fly. I told him, no one can be happy without their parents’ blessings. He kept faith in me. I wanted to marry him with my father’s permission and blessings on us. We waited to manage our family for 2 years. Finally, after a lot of storms proving our dedication and honesty, they allowed us to marry and approved our relationship.

We learned in our lives, if you wish for something, God will give it to you. You have to believe in your hope and stick to it. That’s why we named our daughter; ‘Iccha’ (wish). She is only 25 days old. We are very happy because of our daughter. We wanted a daughter from God and God granted our wish. God is always with us. We are so grateful to him. -Bilkis and Shaiful


The last two days my two-year-old daughter, Najifa has been suffering from a high fever. We have nobody to take care of her while I am working. I always keep her on the ground near my working place while I am working, so I can keep my eyes on her. Today she is very sick, so I am trying to give her time between my job duties. I did not want to come to work today but if I don’t work how I will manage to get food for my little daughter? Yesterday I could not take her to a doctor because of the lack of money. What I earn after a whole day of work is nothing and the owner only pays at the end of the week. For carrying 1000 bricks they pay 100 taka. During the entire day I can carry only 500 bricks. I start at 5 in the morning every day. This job is so very tough and brutal.

Every day I suffer from the pain in my legs, arms and my whole body and because of this I can’t sleep at night. I never feel like waking up in the early morning but when I think about my child, I can’t be in bed after 5 in the morning.

Najifa’s father was a rickshaw puller and he died in a road accident 6 months ago. During the last six months we had no idea how to survive. I begged door to door with my daughter. Last month I came to Dhaka to work in the brick field. I never like begging; there is no respect for people who beg. I wanted to do some work, but in our village there were no opportunities for working.

I want to give a good life and education to my only daughter. When I see the face of my daughter, I feel the courage to live for another day. I will work harder and will educate my daughter so she will never need to beg from people. _ Tajmin 21


For older people who are alone, winter nights are a curse. It is very difficult to sleep in the night. Last year I was almost dying because of the intolerable cold. Every single night I was suffering from the cold. It is our habit to sleep beside our spouse and we never know what the value of our life partner is when they are with you. My wife died two years ago because of her sickness. From then on, I am now living alone. The truth is, there are many things we fail to realize the value until it’s gone.

I found Lalu and Dholu two months ago in a dustbin. Some children were playing with the newborns and I rescued those newborns from those kids. I searched for their mother for several days but could not find her. Since then they are with me and became the children that I never had before. People laugh at me because I carry them on my lap. They go everywhere with me. They never left me for a second and I never leave them. One day, I took them to the nearby sweet shop and the manager asked me angrily, why I was bringing my dogs there and I was not allowed to enter the shop. For the last 20 years I have been eating sweets from that shop so then I corrected him. I replied, “They are not dogs they are my sons. If they can’t eat from there then I don’t want to eat either.’’ The manager laughed at me and let me enter.

This winter I am not feeling so very lonely and cold. My Lalu and Dhaalu sleep beside me. I sleep in the middle. I am feeling blessed nowadays because they are in my life. I feel more energetic and happy. Every night I go to sleep playing and having a full conversation with them and in the morning they wake me up. They changed my life, they really did. Now I have found hope for which to wake up in the morning. It feels like I am becoming a child again. Sometimes I really feel worried thinking this. What if they leave me; what will I do? How I will survive without them? Loved ones makes you dependent on them and you can’t do anything about it. – Ismail Mia 80


I fell in love with her the very first moment I saw her. Every relationship needs to start with love at first sight. For my story, it was me. I loved her and I was sure about that. I wanted to marry her and wanted to live happily ever after. She was so beautiful and charming. But I was afraid; she was 13 years younger than me. Her father revealed to me that she was not interested in our marriage and that her parents had forced her to marry me.

I believed in love, I believed in marriage and in her. She left me after two months of our marriage. She didn’t understand my love for her. Still I remember that evening. That day, I returned home from work a little early so that I could take care of her because I was worried about her health for the last couple of days. She was not eating nor behaving normally. I came back from work and discovered that my newly married wife Sahinur was gone and had left with another man. I was looking for her everywhere but nobody saw her again after that evening.

For the last 30 years I have been living alone and never got involved with anyone again. I work here from early morning to evening and I sleep alone in my 8 ft by 8 ft rooms. After that incident with my wife, my parents wanted to arrange marriage for me several times but I could not trust anybody anymore. It’s better to be alone than to pour your trust into a bottomless basket. I have forgiven her, but I cannot forget._ Deloyar Hossain 60


I have been hated by people from the very first moment of my life. No one has ever told me I am beautiful. Birth is always a special and blissful day for people but in my situation it was exactly the reverse. My parents were expecting a son as they had been hoping for the last 4 times. But proving their expectations wrong every time there was a girl. We are five sisters. But in my case it is even worse. I had been born as a cleft lip girl. I could not make anyone happy but shocked them instead for my birth. From that day onward my parents’ life became more challenging.

I went to school for two years and that is the worse chapter in my life. I always felt ashamed to go outside of our home. People used to laugh at me and mock me. But my parents wanted me to go to school with my sisters. I never wanted to go to school. My classmates would never sit with me on the same bench. I always had to sit alone on the last bench. No one ever played with me during the tiffin period. No one talked to me. I had no friends. How could I? I was a very scary thing for them. I could see in their eyes how frightening I was for them because my lips were split from the bottom of my nose to the end of my lower lip. I stopped going to school when I understood people were not accepting me easily. I started staying in our room rather going outside. I stopped visiting and talking with anyone. I was becoming very abnormal and frustrated.

Understanding my situation, my father wanted to do something for me. My father is a day laborer. It was almost impossible for him to do my operation because we would need a lot of money. My family collected money from door to door in our village. Our villagers realized my problem and helped my father by giving money. I had my operation three years ago. I feel much better these days. I work with my father in the field. But after all this, my family does not feel secure about my future. My four elder sisters got married at very young ages. But my parents are really worried about me and believe that no groom will be coming to see me because of this problem. They think I am not beautiful _Sonia- 15


Every day while taking a bath I remember that day. Five years ago, my wife and I went to Cox’s Bazar after getting married and stayed for one night in a hotel room. That one day is the first and the last time I ever used my own bathroom. I took a shower three times during that day even though it was a winter season. My new bride thought that I was a crazy man. But I could not resist to do so because of the gorgeous bathroom and the unlimited amount of water.

We are living a life of five taka, brother. From the morning till the night we need a 5 taka note most of the time. Iam taking a shower by buying two buckets of water. One bucket of water cost five taka. We need minimum of 15 taka for a short shower per person. I have four people in my family. I always try to spend less water as much as possible because then my junior one can take a bath with the rest of the water. When we go to use the toilet we need another 5 taka note each time.

It is acceptable for me to take a shower outside with two buckets of water. But I always feel upset to see my only daughter and wife using a public bathroom for taking showers or in the outside buying buckets of water. It is almost impossible for me to have our own bathroom because I have been living in this slum from the very beginning of my life. I drive a rickshaw and earn very little money. With that little money it has only been possible to survive the way we are surviving for the last 15 years. But I hope one day we will live in a home where at least there will be a bathroom and no more water crisis_Sujon Mia 30

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