Life In Colour

From the beginning of my career I have been working for those people who are living on the edge of society. When I started working with these people I surprisingly discovered that – life has taken all colours from them, but they are still cherishing every moment of their life with colour. Colour is their courage; colour creates enthusiasm for them to fight in order to live for another day. A person, who has nothing, has colour in life. In the beginning of my career, I took all black & white photographs of those who were colourful.  I found out poverty, sorrow and depression become vivid if I skip colour from their lives.

Sharing a few of my colour works and the people who always inspired me to become a colour photographer as well as to live a colourful life.



Ship breaking (17)

Akash (29)

akash (8)

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Presently, I have been working in colour. A street child, a labourer on a road or even a homeless lady – all of them have colour. People who are fighting everyday to live life are heroes to me and these heroes represent colour. Their skin tone, their clothes, their living places all are colourful and powerful. They are deprived from all happiness in life but yet they are treating themselves with colour. While I discover the truth I learned to capture the mood of colour on them.

akash (1).jpg

print sell_akash (30)

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By capturing these colour moments, I have learned that –a few hints of red, blue and yellow gives inspiration to our lives. People who are fighting for survival without anything in this world are healing their pains by indulging in colour.

Daily life in Kathmandu, Nepal. 2006

akash (16)

Akash (2)


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Akash index page (6)


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11 thoughts on “Life In Colour

  1. Wow! The master photographs I have ever seen. Undoubtedly you are one of the best color photographer in the world and the best from Bangladesh. Learn from you everyday. So proud to be a Bangladeshi and a student of you. Gratitude 🙏

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  2. Thank you for this perspective about colour and how it can be a gift of inspiration and hope. I cannot even begin to express my appreciation of your photographs. You are the colour in my sometimes black and white world.

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  3. These are stunning and bring to life the difficult situations of a people the Western world has too much forgotten. I am always touched by your work. You are so talented. But I thank you even more for the subject you have chosen for your life work.

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  4. Dear Sir you have wonderful pictures. First of all I like to wish you great success in your job Mr. Akash, because you are a man of great worth who will be able to make a great contribute tu your country. Thanks to sharing.

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  5. never seen before like this to their lives. Not that they are not usually seen in my day to day life, it happens for I lack these sense of deep understanding. Never felt such an attachment to their lives. I know it is easy to see them through glasses of windows, but it is not easy to live like them inspite of having everything in personal life. hats off, sir!

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