Plight of Rohingya Children

An estimated 693,000 Rohingya have been driven into Bangladesh (as of April 2018). Over half of them are children who have fled following an extreme escalation of violence, with most now living in flimsy plastic tents in overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazar. When hundreds of thousands of terrified Rohingya refugees began flooding onto the beaches and paddy fields of southern Bangladesh, it was the children – who made up nearly 60 percent of their number – who caught most of the attention of many people. The momentum and scale of arrivals make this the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis. Over 1,400 children have arrived by themselves after witnessing the deaths of their parents and loved one. Today, there are an estimated 720,000 Rohingya children in Bangladesh and Myanmar, in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection – and looking to the outside world for help.

Children deserve to grow up in a world free from fear, surrounded by those who love them—enabling them to live life in all its fullness.  The world would be shocked by seeing the conditions that the children living in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar are facing, instead. Make no mistake that this crisis is a children’s emergency. These children’s worlds have been torn apart brutally. They have gone suddenly from living in a community where they know the neighborhood, having close friends, a routine, a good variety of food and safe places to play to a chaotic, overcrowded and frightening unknown place. Many are orphaned and lost, living in a perpetual state of anxiety. After all this, we cannot expect Rohingya children to overcome the traumatic experiences they’ve suffered when further exposed to insecurity and fears of violence in the camps. But at least we can pray and ask for help for these children’s safety and a better future.

Sharing here with you some heart-wrenching images of Rohingya children who have experienced unforgettable misery, violence, pain and anguish in their short lives. These images will melt your soul forever. Alone, distressed, terrified but hopefully not abandoned by the world at large.

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GMB Akash (8)

GMB Akash (43)

GMB Akash (41)

GMB Akash (2)

GMB Akash (26)

GMB Akash (40)

GMB Akash (45)

GMB Akash (3)

GMB Akash (58)

GMB Akash (28)

GMB Akash (30)

GMB Akash (42)

GMB Akash (32)

GMB Akash (38)

GMB Akash (50)

GMB Akash (57)


GMB Akash (18)

GMB Akash (20)

GMB Akash (25)

GMB Akash (27)

GMB Akash (31)

GMB Akash (22)

GMB Akash (56)

GMB Akash (13)

GMB Akash (24)

GMB Akash (23)

GMB Akash (21)






17 thoughts on “Plight of Rohingya Children

  1. I think often what the future holds for them. All I can offer is a prayer. This reminds me of Bangladesh when I was growing up. I noticed you were feature in WP. Please provide me which post that was. Thank you.


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  3. Get shocked again seeing this pictures. You have presented their sorrows and struggle with your shoots. A complete lifestyle and sorrows of Royhinga Refugees. I love your photography and speaks a lot about their current life who comes from another country.


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