Love for Rudro!

I have some good news to share with you about Rudro’s family! Rudro’s family had endured such hardship when his father had a stroke that crippled him greatly and the family had become destitute.

I had been taking care of all of Rudro’s expenses for his education since he was in class 9.

Rudro is now studying in the 2nd year in a highly prestigious Notre Dame College (Notre Dame College is the best college in Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh) And I will continue helping his family till he gets a job and starts earning for them himself.

I am sharing a short video where Rudro wanted to express his gratitude.

“Our little help, little words, little recommendations could bring light in some dark places of this earth.”

For the last two years I have been studying at the prestigious Notre Dame College in Dhaka. In 2021 my education at Notre Dame will be completed. From class 9, Akash brother took care of all my expenses so that I could go to school.

_ Rudro

My father is sick; he is paralyzed and unable to earn anything. Without Akash brother’s help, my education would have stopped long ago. Four years ago Akash brother gifted us a cow with a calf.

_ Rudro

We have now received four calves from that cow. After raising those calves, we sold them and got a good amount of money. If Akash brother had not helped me by giving us this cow and the first calf, I have no idea what would have happened to my family, my education and my father’s treatment. 

Like me, Akash brother helps many people from our village with small family businesses or scholarships for education. Akash brother built a school in our village where around 150 poor children receive nearly free education. I pray for Akash brother so he can help more people.

_ Rudro

GMB Akash

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