Love for Eva Rani.

Dear friends,

You may all remember Eva Rani. The story of this courageous lady touched all your heart and inspired thousands of people.

Last year by gifting Eva Rani, a cow with a calf as an income source, I wanted to give her some hope, so she can remain just as unbroken as she is and can gives life a good fight with her two little daughters.

I also built a shed for them which to keep the cows and in total it cost almost 2000 USD.

She used to get 4 liters of milk from the cow, and by selling the milk she used to earn 300 takas per day. Keeping some milk for her daughters, she was able to earn 9,000 takas per month.

The good news is, the cow gave a new calf again and the previous calf has grown a lot. She is planning to sell the first calf soon and by selling it she can earn around 80 thousand to 1 lakh taka. With that money, she is thinking of repairing her broken hut.

And now by selling the cow’s milk (around 4-5 litters per day) she is continuing her family expenses. As I took all the responsibilities of her daughter’s education and admitted them to a nearby KG School last year. Eva Rani does not have to bear for her children’s education.

Now this family has a happy smile on their face, and they have started living a beautiful healthy life. Please keep them in your prayers.

Our little effort can change the life of a family…

My friends, your positive support pure love, and strong faith in me help me to move forward every single day.

Please keep me in your prayers so that I may continue my mission to change the lives of helpless people as much as I can. To me, even one difference is counted.

Sending my kindest Gratitude, Love and Light to everyone.

_GMB Akash

GMB Akash

Photojournalist and Profile Photographer at Panos Pictures, London

Founder of GMB Akash Institute of Photography, Dhaka



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