Asma a little angel, whose only dream was to go to school.

Dear friends,

You may all remember, Asma a little working girl, her video and story went viral as soon as I posted it on my page last month.

Asma a little angel, whose only dream was to go to school. But this little fairy’s dream was being crushed every day because of the extreme cruelty of poverty ever since she started learning.

You will be happy to know, by the grace of God, I admitted her to the school last week, and yesterday was Asmar’s first day at school.

Asma’s mother and I took her to her first day of school and I can’t explain her expressions of happiness in words…

Just know that, her happiness made me cry…

These precious experiences make my life worthy and inspire me to continue my work farther everyday.

But it was not easy at all. I had to motivate her mother to get Asma admitted to the school. For that, I had to take care all her expenses such as her admission fees, tuition fees, daily food, books, notes, clothes and everything she needs to grow up as a happy child. Also, I had to financially compensate her parents for the entire amount of money she would have earned each month if she had worked instead of going to school. I will bear all her expenses, and I want to make sure she continues her school and gets the beautiful life as she was dreaming of. Please keep Asma in your prayers.

Now Asma is one of my 40 students whom I have been able to enroll into school from their working places.

Thank you so much my friends for always appreciating my journey. Nothing would have been this easier for me without your support and inspiration. My heartfelt gratitude.

Please keep me in your prayers so that I may continue my mission to change the lives of people in need. To me, even one single difference is counted.

Love and Light

_GMB Akash

GMB Akash

Photojournalist and Profile Photographer at Panos Pictures, London

Founder of GMB Akash Institute of Photography, Dhaka



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2 thoughts on “Asma a little angel, whose only dream was to go to school.

  1. It’s amazing, that sense of balance that comes with information like this blog. There are those who care, there are those who will rise, and there are those who hold a sensitive heart. Thanks for this.


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