Auto rickshaw for Masuda and her husband.

Dear friends,

You may all remember the story of a husband’s selfless and pure love for his blind wife – Maduda. Masuda is a blind woman, but she considers herself the most blessed women in the world because of her husband’s unconditional love and care for her.

Literally Masuda might have been the happiest woman in the world if they only had enough money for supporting their family.

Since Masuda is blind, her husband cannot go to work everyday leaving her alone. And he does every household chore for Masuda that she was supposed to do for him. Because he can’t go to work every day, he can’t earn enough for his family. And as a result, the family was desperately suffering from scarcity.

As Masuda said, if they had a rickshaw of their own, her husband could have drive it in their area and could have help her time to time.

By the grace of God, last Friday I was able to buy an auto rickshaw for Masuda and her husband which cost One lakh and thirty thousand taka and I also build a small shed for the protection of the Rikhsaw. Around it cost total of 1 lakh 50 thousands taka (around 1500 USD). Now he can earn 700-800 taka every day by driving this Rickhsaw.

Thank you so much everyone for showing your concern and empathy towards this family. I believe this Rickshaw will greatly benefits their family and their economic condition.

Masuda and her husband were really overwhelmed and sent their heartfelt prayers and gratitude for all of you. Please keep them in your prayers.

Sending my love and gratitude to you all who are constantly supporting my work and journey. My journey would never have been so smooth without you all.

Love and light

_GMB Akash

working women in Bangladesh
working women in Bangladesh
working women in Bangladesh
working women in Bangladesh

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