Distributed about 500 raincoats among the Rickshaw pullers in Dhaka.

Dear friends,

By the grace of God, in the last few days I have distributed about 500 raincoats among the Rickshaw pullers in Dhaka.

Rickshaw pullers are quite a familiar figure in Bangladesh. Even working from dawn to dusk, they lead a very hard life and earn very little to provide for the two square meals a day for their family.

During the monsoon season rickshaw pullers suffer the most in order to give us services. Even in the heavy rains, they have no choice but to drive their rickshaws. They get wet in the rain all day and sometimes get sick.

Last week when I was riding in Hafizur’s rickshaw, I saw him shivering with cold and he was totally drenched by rain. When I asked him why he was shivering like this even in this scorching hot summer?

Hafizur told me that, he has been suffering from fever for the last three days but he has been driving the rickshaw every day, because otherwise his family will have to starve.

When I asked, why don’t you buy a raincoat? He replied, the price of a good quality raincoat is around 800 to 1000 taka and it’s impossible for him to afford one.

There are thousands of rickshaw pullers in Dhaka City like Hafizur who also can’t afford a raincoat in this monsoon season and suffer every day in the heavy rain.

A good quality raincoat can serve for many years. So I decided to buy good quality raincoats and distributed 500 raincoats among 500 Rickshaw Pullers to keep them dry and reduce their sufferings in this Rainy season.

I am only one, I cannot do everything, but still I can do something…

Thank you for all your continuous support and humanity. I am always thankful and grateful to you all for appreciating my efforts and journey. Know that, your kind words mean a lot to me.

Sending my love, respect and prayers towards you.

Love and Light

_GMB Akash

GMB Akash

Photojournalist and Profile Photographer at Panos Pictures, London

Founder of GMB Akash Institute of Photography, Dhaka

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