Distributed another 10 bicycles among 10 unprivileged students.

Dear friends, 

 I have distributed another 10 bicycles among 10 unprivileged students from six different villages in a rural area of Bangladesh. With these 10, a total of 60 bicycle distribution is completed. 

These girls have to walk more than 6 to 10 kilometers to go to school everyday. I hope this small initiative of mine will alleviate some of their suffering. I will continue this distribution as long as I can inshallah for those who deserves. 

Sharing a glimpse of my work with you all…

My friends, thank you so much for all your support. Without your support and kind contribution, this was not possible. Please keep me in your prayers so that, I may continue my mission to change the lives of helpless people in their need.  

Sending my love and prayers. 

 _GMB Akash


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