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300 food packs to 300 doorsteps for the entire month of Ramadan.

Climate change – Water Crisis and Women health and education.

Building hygienic toilets for unprivileged people every month.

A deep-water pump, to 12 families!

Debby Mosseveld came from the Netherlands to join me in my exclusive six days One on One photography workshop.

A total of 60 Bicycle distribution has been completed.

Dr Vikas Bajpai, came from India to join my exclusive six days One on One photography workshop.

A deep water pump for 12 families.

Distributed another 10 bicycles among 10 unprivileged students.

House for Farzana and her mother.

Love for Amir Hussain and his father.

New school building for students!

Dark Alleys

Philipp Gasser, came again for the 2nd time from Switzerland to participate Photography Workshop.

Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

50 bicycles among 50 unprivileged students.

I am feeding hungry poor people every Friday in different places of Bangladesh.

Distributed about 500 raincoats among the Rickshaw pullers in Dhaka.

One on One workshop with GMB Akash

Auto rickshaw for Masuda and her husband.

I am feeding hungry poor people every Friday in different places of Bangladesh. Sharing some of the happy faces with you.

Distributed 10 more bicycles among 10 underprivileged students.

I was able to help Shorna get out of her debt.

We all know during the month of Ramadan, these poor elderly people suffer the most due to lack of food. Many people fast, even without eating anything!

Love for Sofur Uddin Chacha.

Asma a little angel, whose only dream was to go to school.

Love for Arifa.

Love for Eva Rani.

I started with 10 children and now it’s 30 children.

Food for street children and homeless people.

New Year, New Class, New Books, New Dreams… 2022

Distributed 500 more blankets among the most deserving and unprivileged people..

Distributing winter clothes to 500 unprivileged working women.

Gifting winter jackets among street children and unprivileged students from all over Bangladesh.

Distributing blankets among unprivileged!

Breaking the silence!

Love for Rudro!

COVID-19 and the impact on my 150 families.

Dreams of child laborers

Tribute to Refugees around the world.

World Day Against Child Labour

Faces of Bhutan by GMB Akash 

World Labour Day

Incredible Women

Climate Crisis

Worst floods in years ‘submerge’ Bangladesh villages 2019

Superheroes of Our Lives

The Mru: A hidden Tribe of Bangladesh.

‘Mothers: Angels on Earth’

Women in Bangladesh