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Love for Amir Hussain and his father.

New school building for students!

Dark Alleys

Philipp Gasser, came again for the 2nd time from Switzerland to participate Photography Workshop.

Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

50 bicycles among 50 unprivileged students.

I am feeding hungry poor people every Friday in different places of Bangladesh.

Distributed about 500 raincoats among the Rickshaw pullers in Dhaka.

One on One workshop with GMB Akash

Distributed 10 more bicycles among 10 underprivileged students.

Gifting winter jackets among street children and unprivileged students from all over Bangladesh.

Tribute to Refugees around the world.

World Day Against Child Labour

Faces of Bhutan by GMB Akash 

An Inspired Eye: 10 tips for encouraging Street Photography

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Dark Alleys

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“The creator has strangled me with his own hands.”

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