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Building hygienic toilets for unprivileged people every month.

Debby Mosseveld came from the Netherlands to join me in my exclusive six days One on One photography workshop.

Dr Vikas Bajpai, came from India to join my exclusive six days One on One photography workshop.

House for Farzana and her mother.

Love for Amir Hussain and his father.

‘A Father, A Hero’

Angels on Street

The Geometry of Love

‘Many Miles Many Smiles’

‘Orange Generation’

‘Realm of Illusion’

Women of Worth

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‘An Unrest Soul : On Street Photography’

“Factories of Death”

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Decaying Earth

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‘Travel Junction – Part I’

Ships’ Graveyard

“The creator has strangled me with his own hands.”

Unseen Existence

A World Full of Hungry Apes

Life Indulges In Colour

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Faces Tell Stories

Reckless Calamity washed out lives

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‘The Vanished Native’

Born to work – A Battle of a “Survivor”