A deep water pump for 12 families.

“The best charity is to provide Water.”

My friends, by the grace of God, I have been able to provide a deep-water pump for another 12 helpless and needy families again. Those who could not afford to install a deep tubewell and for which they were living a life of misery and were suffering in various ways due to lack of clean drinking water throughout the year.

Due to its proximity to Dhaka City, it is almost impossible for them to draw water from a normal hand pressure tap in this area. Water can only be extracted by deep tube-wells in this region.

But all in all, it costs around 70,000 takas to install a deep water pump which is an amount that the families are unable to afford…

They always had to collect water from a nearby pond for drinking, cooking, cleaning or washing what is not healthy at all. And if they wanted to collect clean water, they had to fetch water from a far away.

Through a week of hard work, time and effort I was able to install this Deep Water Pump.

My friends, these 12 families sent prayers, gratitude and best wishes towards you all. They said, this tubewell was the biggest gift of their life and most of the miseries of their life will be removed by this water pump tap…

Thank you so much and sending my love and gratitude to you, who are constantly supporting my work and journey.

Love and Light

_GMB Akash


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